The Michigan Disability Sports Alliance has organized the Michigan Victory Games for athletes with physical abilities for  40 years. 

Here's a brief look at how far we've come:

The first ever Michigan Victory Games, then known as the Michigan Regional Cerebral Palsy Games, were held on August 20-21, 1976. Fifty-six individuals, 15 years of age and older, from Michigan competed in 26 different events including dashes, slalom, field events, archery, weight lifting, table tennis, bowling, swimming, cycling and others.

The second Regional Cerebral Palsy Games, an Olympics- style competition was held June 24-25, 1977 in Detroit, Michigan. Seventy-five athletes from four states and Canada participated in 23 events. Entrants selected their events and competed against others with a similar degree of handicap. Athletes competed on a team and on an individual basis as well.

Michigan hosted the First National Games in the summer of 1978. One hundred and fifty athletes represented from 13 different states.

This year's regional competition selected athletes for the second National Cerebral Palsy Games in Connecticut. Michigan sent 76 athletes to the National Games and won the National Championship over teams from 25 other states and Canada. Twelve of the competitors won places on the national team and traveled to the International Games in Holland in 1980.

Michigan State University became the site for the National Cerebral Palsy / Les Autres Games because it was one of the most accessible campuses in the country.

The USA International team included three coaches (Jeff Jones, Mary Beth Jones and Gary Kupper) as well as nine athletes from Michigan.

Michigan Victory Games expanded it's offering of events, and added an opening ceremony to celebrate each team, individual athletes, and major sponsors. 

Michigan Victory Games Athlete Mary Stack took fourth place in the Power Lifting event when she participated in 2012 Paralympics.

The Michigan Victory Games hosted the 2014 National Boccia Tournament. Air Pistol and Crossbow shooting were included in the nightly recreational activities that the Games offer.

Please contact Stella Husch at (248) 922- 1236 or by email at to get more information on how to be a part of history.